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Expositie: What if / the future of the northern landscape

30. oktober 2020 - 10. januari 2021

What if / the future of the northern landscape

At the beginning of this year, SIGN and Noorderlicht launched the research project ‘What If’ out of a shared interest in the development of the northern landscape. Artists Linde Ex and Aebele Trijsburg have spent the past few months dealing with the question: what will the future northern landscape look like? Initially they started the research process together. Along the way, Linde and Aebele veered into two independent directions, the results of which are presented together.

Aebele Trijsburg

Aebele Trijsburg (Barchem, Netherlands, 1991) graduated in 2013 from the art academy Minerva in Groningen. He has been working as an interdisciplinary artist ever since. To him, art is a game of meaning. He often puts everyday things into a different context, triggering a re-evaluation of what we experience as correct and normal.

In 2020, Aebele was asked by Noorderlicht and SIGN to join an artistic research project about the future of the northern Dutch landscape. He decided to take a closer look at sea level rise. In the resulting presentation (31 october 2020 -10 jan 2021, Noorderlicht Studio) Aebele pictured some limitations of the core Dutch solutions in watermanagement such as dikes, polders and pumping stations and suggested a change of mentality in which our fight against the sea would be turned into a co-operation with the sea.


30. oktober 2020
10. januari 2021


Noorderlicht & SIGN


Noorderlicht Studio
Akerkhof 12
Groningen, Niederlande
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