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Art has the mission to keep alive what is important and necessary for us humans


We live in times where the atmosphere between people is heating up and our climate is getting hotter. For this reason we are in need of courageous people that choose their own path in live and take a stand. Open minded, passionated people that live in harmony with each other and with nature.

This view gave rise to a project in which we call on artists to use the power of art to advocate mindfulness, tolerance, reason and humanity. This website will give them a platform and a voice.

  • We want to show that we are artists and that we take a stand
  • We want to show that art is an important part of society and shapes us as humans
  • We want to show that art overcomes boundary, spatially and in our minds.

Do you agree with this, than join us! Have you created a work of art, a project, a play, a composition, a graffiti, a text, a song, a picture, an exhibition, or something that we don’t even know yet, expressing exactly these feelings? Let us know!