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Camera Incantatus is an installation consisting more then 35 paper objects. Camera Incantatus means enchanted room (de betoverde kamer, der erzauberte Raum). Single table legs carry a plate and a spoon. They are balancing in the room all apart from each other. All separated from their connection: the rest of the table. The plate seem to be empty, but who looks closer sees that they all contain text fragments. The public is hand out torches to walk through the installation and read the fragments. The paper object are made with silt from the Eems. The room is filled with the smell of the silty river. The sound of her is hidden in several places in the installation and can unexpectedly be heard locally.

I work with a variety of materials: paper, textile, iron etc. My work consists installation, video, performance.

Camera Incantatus 2
Camera Incantatus 3